Introducing Pediatric Virtual Appointments for Delray Beach Children

Anytime Pediatrics logoYour child’s next pediatric visit could take place in the convenience of your home via telemedicine with Anytime Pediatrics!

Anytime Pediatrics makes connecting to the care you are used to more convenient than ever. Download the app on your tablet or smartphone, or visit to pre-register today.

There is a fee for telemedicine. Please see our Billing & Insurance page for details. Your insurance may provide coverage for a telemedicine visit. If not, there will be a convenience fee of $50.



When you request a walk-in visit, you will typically wait approximately five minutes in the virtual ‘waiting room’ for a provider to connect with you. If we are with another patient, you may need to wait 10 or more minutes. You will be notified when the provider is ready for the virtual visit.

To schedule a virtual appointment, please feel free to call our office. Once your appointment is scheduled, simply log in to the app, choose the calendar icon in the middle tab and select ‘Start Visit’ within fifteen minutes of your scheduled appointment.

If you have any technical issues with the app, please contact Anytime Pediatrics technical support directly at 615.722.7201 ext 3.

Walk-In & Scheduled Visits

  • Behavioral Health
  • Follow-up Appointments
  • Swimmer’s Ear
  • Development Screenings
  • Lactation Consultations
  • Pink Eye

…and more (see below)

Baby with a rash being viewed by a doctor via telemedicine on an iphone


See your child’s pediatrician virtually for rash and redness

toddler with mother in a virtual appointment on iphone

Cold & Flu

We will help you determine when your child’s cold or flu symptoms can be cared for via telemedicine

Kid shows off bandage during a virtual appointment with a pediatrician

…and more!

Receive care for your child’s pink eye, skin infection, constipation, and more.


toddler playing on a mobile phoneGet started with 8 Tips for Taking Your Child to Their First Telemedicine Visit.

Interested in learning more about telemedicine? Check out our parent blog.

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