Letter to our Patients Regarding COVID-19

Dear Parents and Patients:

Thank you for being a valued patient of Pediatrics by the Sea. You’re the reason we do what we do, so I wanted to personally reach out to you regarding the current corona virus situation. So I appreciate the chance to update you on what we’re doing right now at Pediatrics by the Sea to protect you and your family.

First, I want to assure you that your safety and the safety of all of our parents and patients remain our top priority. That means you can come into the office with confidence. Here are some of the measures we’ve taken in recent days:

  • We’ve reinforced our office practices and policies regarding how we clean the Office. Our goal – in this time and always – is to ensure a clean, safe, and sanitary environment, and our associates are exceeding the guidelines for cleanliness set in place by the CDC.
  • We’ve increased the frequency of cleaning our rooms, particularly the restrooms and waiting room.
  • As always we are wiping down our rooms with disinfectant after each patient.
  • We’re providing our staff with up-to-date information to keep them – and their families – informed, aware and protected throughout this situation.

We are working around the clock to ensure that testing and treatment processes are in place to care for our patients and that our facilities and staff are well-equipped to properly care for those who may be affected. Our doctors, nurses, clinical staff and environmental services, and other support areas are experts in infection prevention to ensure the safety of our patients.

What should you do in case you have COVID-19 or think you have been exposed to COVID-19?

While influenza and other viral syndromes are still more likely, there are steps you should take now that COVID-19 has been detected in our community.

Please consider the following actions:

  •  If your child is not sick, please have him or her stay home, avoid public places and monitor them for 14 days from the time when you think they were exposed.
  • Severe illness: If you are experiencing a medical emergency (such as severe shortness of breath, chest pain or altered mental status), please call 911 and request an ambulance to go to one of our local emergency rooms. If you transport yourself to the emergency room, please contact the hospital prior to your arrival.
  • Moderate or mild illness: In an effort to protect you, our care teams, and the general public we encourage you to utilize telemedicine to help screen and treat her/his illness. You may also contact the Palm Beach County Health Department at 561-840-4500.

We have clinicians available 24/7 through Anytime Pediatrics our virtual urgent care platform. Enroll via our web site or download the free iOS or Android mobile Anytime Pediatrics app from the App Store.

  • If you or your children are experiencing mild or moderate symptoms, and do not wish to utilize telemedicine please do not walk directly to our office or to any emergency department without calling us first. A phone call allows our team to determine the best location for you to be evaluated. In some cases, this phone call may allow you to avoid an in-person evaluation, which helps minimize exposure to the public from those with less severe symptoms. If you choose to visit our office without calling ( Walk-In), please be advised that we will place a mask on your face covering your nose and mouth as soon as you arrive to the office and ask you to answer few screening questions before your child can be seen .Keep your child in your car until she/he is clear to come in..
  • If your child has an existing routine appointment in our office, and she /he has respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath, you should call our office prior to the appointment to discuss how your child care will best be served

We are always here for you, and we thank you for choosing and trusting Pediatrics by the Sea. We wish and pray for everyone to be safe and healthy to get over this .

Pediatrics by the Sea


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