Covid-19 Vaccine and Kids — Available Now!

Pediatrics by the Sea is pleased to offer Covid-19 vaccinations to all of our patients aged 5 and older in the comfort of our office. We understand that you may have questions about the vaccine, the way it works and its importance;  our medical team is happy to discuss any questions with you so feel free to contact us with any concerns.

We would also like to offer some resources that may answer some of your questions:

Covid-19 Vaccine Checklist for Kids Age 5 and Up – resources to help you prepare for your child’s Covid-19 vaccination

The Science Behind Covid-19 Vaccines – answers to common questions regarding the available vaccinations

Ask the Pediatrician: Was the Covid-19 vaccine rushed? – information about the approval process for the Covid-19 vaccine and how it compares with other routine vaccinations

The following videos are great educational resources about the vaccines that you can share with your kids!



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