Back to School Checklist for Parents

Girls walking to classIt’s that time again – kids are going back to school! One of the hardest things about going back to school is getting back into a routine. Here are a few tips for parents to transition from summer to the school year:

1. Post your child’s class schedule

It’s important to know what classes your child has and on what days. That way, you can stay informed on what they’re doing in school and ask specific questions such as: “What did you do in English today?”

2. Wait until you receive a school supplies list for shopping.

Shopping before getting a school supplies list can result in overspending. Some teachers are specific about the folders, pens and other supplies students use. Once you know exactly what supplies your child needs, make a list and keep track of the supplies throughout the year.

3. Keep track of school forms.

Organize all school forms as they come in. After filling them out completely, make copies and store them somewhere safe for the future.

4. Readjust bedtime and activities a week prior to school starting.

Start putting your child to bed ten minutes earlier each night to slowly adjust from the lax, summer sleep schedule.

5. Plan pickups and drops offs.

Different schools have different restrictions when it comes to dropping children off at school and picking them up. Make sure you ask the school if there are any rules before the first day. If your child is riding the bus, make sure you review the stops with them so they are prepared.

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