Immigration Exams in Delray Beach FL

Medical examinations and vaccinations in the United States are typically required for anyone near South Florida who applies for lawful permanent resident status. This requirement applies to both adult and child applicants. However, Karen F. Kuhns, M.D. will take age into account for purposes of things like deciding which vaccines are necessary.

How long will the exam take?

Your exam will take approximately 20-30minutes.

What does this test entail?

The doctor will go over your medical history and determine what vaccinations and tests are required. Please bring a copy of your vaccination record and photo identification with you.

On the day of your visit, we will review vaccination records and advise which vaccinations are needed. Those vaccine costs are not included in the initial fee. We will also advise you as to which lab tests are required and give you information on where to go to have the lab tests done. We are not currently drawing the labs in office. Once all results are received, you will be given your I-693 form in a sealed envelope as required by USCIS and you will also receive a copy of the I-693 form for your own records.

What are the Fees?

Physical Exam (age 15+)

(includes exam, required blood tests for syphilis and TB, as well as required urine test for gonorrhea)

Physical Exam (age 2-15)

(includes exam and required blood test for TB)

Physical Exam (age <2)



What are the Immunization costs?
Your need for specific immunizations will be determined by the doctor at the time of the visit

Tdap: $65

MMR: $120

Polio: $50

Influenza: $30

Chickenpox: $200





Optional Lab Testing Fees
Can replace the immunization IF the results are positive

Measles/Mumps/Rubella IGG titer panel 
Varicella (Chickenpox) IGG Titer 

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