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Tips to Stimulate Language in Children

- Talk, talk, talk! Talk about what you are doing and what your child is doing. Your child will learn to associate words you say with the actions, objects and feelings you describe.

    - Gain your child's attention before you speak. Notice where your child's attention is focused and talk about those objects, events, and people.

   - Be a good speech model. Speak clearly and naturally and use correct speech sounds and real words.

   - If your child has a speech error, say the sound correctly in your own speech. Don't correct your child in the early stage of speech development.

   - Show your excitement when your child vocalizes, imitates your mouth movements or sounds, or uses new words or sounds.

   - After you talk, pause and give your child a chance to respond.

   - Respond to any of your child's communication attempts, including cooing and babbling sounds. Imitate your child's sounds or words and add to         them.

   - Expose your child to a large number and variety of words.

   - Even though children frequently learn new words, it's a good idea to repeat the same word frequently.

   - Ask questions that require more than a 'yes' or 'no' answer when your child is developmentally ready.

   - If your home is bilingual, create many opportunities to hear and use vocabulary from both languages in everyday interactions.