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   If your child will be attending a public school, find out which school is in your zone by visiting or calling (561) 434-8228. Private and charter schools are open to any geographical area (in the country), however, many already have locked down their enrollment lists.

   To register your child, you will need:

   - two proofs of address

   - child's birth certificate or passport

   - child's immunization records

   - school physical (form 3040) must be dated less than a year prior to the first day of school

Over the summer

   Summertime preparation includes purchasing school supplies and uniforms. Most elementary schools in Palm Beach Country now require uniforms. Both are covered by Florida's Tax Free School Shopping week, a week that is normally in August.

   Adjusting your child's sleep schedule is also important. Teachers recommend implementing the new hours two weeks prior to the start of the school year to ease the sleep shift and ensure that your child is well rested.

   Different schools request different supplies. Contact your child's school for a complete list.

   The dress code for your child's school may vary by color. In general, polo shirts, pants and skirts and shorts at fingertip length are acceptable.

   Sneakers or flat shoes, which are completely enclosed in the toe and back, are recommended.

   Private and charter schools often have stricter dress codes and they will direct you on where to purchase the uniforms.

Academic and Social Readiness

   The Health Care District of Palm Beach County recently organized a 'Transition to Kindergarten' program. Here are a few of the skills that they state children need to master before they start formal school:

       1. Know age and birthday

       2. Dress self

       3. Repeat simple nursery rhymes

       4. Retell a story in sequence

       5. Write full name and phone number

       6. Cut out a picture and paste it on paper

       7. Identify other children by name

       8. Separate from parents without being upset

       9. Recognize some common sight words like "stop"

       10. Count to 10

       11. Carry a plate of food

       12. Put toys away